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General washing instructions

  • Machine wash only till 30 degrees celsius. Never leave the item/product to long in the water after washing programme is finshed.

  • Wash dark colors seperately. Dark colors mostly contain a slight overdose of pigment;  thats why its very important to wash seperately and to rinse untill the water is clear and transparant again. In this way you will prevent darker pigments to jump over onto other (lighter) colored items.

  • Use only detergent suitable for wool and other fine fabrics or detergent without bleach and with neutral PH-value.

  • Always bring the item/product back into its “natural”shape and leave it flat out to dry. It is very important to NEVER leave it directly in the sun to dry.

  • Never leave wet clothing on the washing line (for example) to dry. Avoid surfaces which absorb moisture/water, like towels. In this way you risk color contamination and that the item/product looses it’s natural elasticity.

  • Please note that garments with special ”heavy” techniques (such as cables) can stretch during wear or in the laundry if they are not knitted sufficiently. Always make a test piece beforhand, wash the cloth, let it dry completely and then measure whether the stich ratio is correct. True, this will be some extra work, but you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.


  • Always machinewash till 30 degrees celsius. If the product/item is washed wrongly or to cold/warm the colors can run out. If this happens (stay calm) and try to wash the item again using the right temperature.

  • Dont use any fabric softener.

  • Always wash seperately from heavy clothes such as jeans/denim and/or towels.

  • Use washingprogrammes with enough rinsingtime.

  • Cotton can shrink during the laundry, so measure the item before wash in order to put it back in according shape after.

  • NEVER machine dry.


  • Superwash treathed wool yarns can be washed in the machine with the wool programme or fine/delicate programme. In case of doubt read the instructions of your washingmachine to select the RIGHT programme. NEVER wash with regular ordinary colorful laundry.

  • NEVER use fabric softner.


  • Always machine wash till 30 degrees celcius on the wool programme, spinningpower on the lowest speed. Most modern machines have a limit cap for the wool programme.

  • Never machinedry wool items. It will shrink!

  • Irregularities will dissappear after washing or lightly steaming.

  • Never put to much pressure on the item, not when its wet and also not when its dry. Never use an iron on structural patterns, cabels, etcetera.

  • Steam very lightly and take caution. Use a moistured piece of cloth between the item and the iron. Never press the item/product.