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About us

We proudly present our new collection for the upcoming season.

In January we decided to be in charge of our own kitchen again. This means that you can only buy our collections in our own stores and online.

Our fabric used is 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane made and printed in Turkey to the quality you know from our brand.

The garments are manufactured in our own workshop in Istanbul. Where we are present every day to guarantee quality. The working conditions are according to the European standard and unfortunately not superfluous to report: without CHILD LABOR. The entire product is created by a team of 15 people, whom we can proudly call our Lien & Giel family. We learn from each other with every collection. Our product is created with love and passion: from the hand-drawn design, the cutting of the fabrics, the making of the article, the packaging, shipping or selling of the product in our own stores.

The world around us is constantly in motion and as an entrepreneur you have to move along and adjust the course: All sails, a change of direction, short lines: design Eline, production Kenan & organization Michiel.

What is the result of our new course:

Without compromising our quality, we have drastically reduced our prices !! Here it comes: are you sitting? Hold on, turn on the drum roll;)

Is your favorite dress the Buenos Aires? From € 89.95 to € 49.95!
Or do you prefer to wear the Bodrum skirt? From € 59.95 to € 29.95!
Prefer the blitz in the Biaritz pants? From € 89.95 to € 39.95! combined with the Laval top from € 49.95 to € 19.95!

No more waiting for the sale!

How is this possible?

We have stopped selling our brand to other points of sale. As a result, we save on sample collections, fairs, showrooms and unpaid payments from wholesale customers.

You can see these savings on the price tag; Fair deal right?

We are eager to receive you in our stone stores in Amsterdam, Haarlem & The Hague and of course 24/7 online. From tomorrow our store in The Hague will also be ready for winter.

Lien & Giel, made with love, passion & courage,

Eline, Michiel & Kenan, X