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About us

Lien & Giel

Eline and Michiel are from The Netherlands and have known each other from the aviation sector.  After 13 years of exploration around the globe they decided it was time for a new challenge.  After a few years selling a lot of colorful clothes from different brands, they agreed to set up their own brand: Lien & Giel was born.

Inspiration and Production

The designs and motifs come from the minds of Michiel and Eline themselves. They get a lot of their inspiration from folklore and different handicraft techniques from around the world, past and present. The total product translates itself to colorful, comfortable fashion. The whole production process  before the final end product is a long road.  A motif is first hand drawn, embroidered, crocheted,  knitted, etcetera.  With modern techniques it will then be filed in a rapport so that a final design is created. The used fabrics are pressed in Turkey solely on ecological cotton. The Turkish government has very strict rules when it comes down to certificated ecological cotton.


Lien en Giel consciously decided to manufacture their products in Europe to maintain control on quality and honorable working conditions. There is NO connection whatsoever with child labor or similar things.  Our clothing’s characterizes themselves by the many use of colors and wearing comfort.  The many different items from Lien & Giel can infinitely be combined with each other.

Our shoes and boots come from our own atelier in Istanbul. They are handcrafted and from each pair a maximum of 50 pairs are manufactured. These products are very exclusive and only sold in our own Lien & Giel stores located in Amsterdam, the Hague  and Groningen in the Netherlands.

Thank you for taking your time reading our introduction and naturally we would like to welcome you in one of our stores!

Colour up your life!